The rise of scamgong

Have you ever thought about why around us there is so much scamgong? The scamgong teachings and practices that people can notice and readily identify as scamgong are only a peck of the sand in the desert full of degradation, corruption, greed, manipulation, and questionable practices. Those practices can occupy a person for a long time or even fulfill their Ego and emptiness in life. However, they cannot serve as a reliable path of cultivation that would lead to genuine spiritual development. After some time, people who learn scamgong become scamgong teachers, and this vicious cycle spins out of control. We will explore the factors behind the rise of the scamgong trend from the perspective of a Magus.

However, before we dissect spiritual and esoteric scamgong, it is worth taking a stop to look at the scamgong occurrence in Martial Arts. Unlike spiritual and magical development, Martial Arts are physical, verifiable (watch people fight), and observable by everyone, even without a developed Third Eye.

Some material worth checking out on fake martial arts.

There are Tens of Thousands of fake martial arts teachers out there who are teaching millions of people skills that won't ever be applicable or helpful in actual combat, such as how to defend from a drunk neighbor while sitting on a couch.

If anything, it may cause harm when a self-confident and ego-boosted person thinks he is skilled and strong and gets in a real fight in life. Things get ugly quickly, and illusions shatter with the death or a debilitating injury for a practitioner. To the luck of all these systems, the world we live in now is a relatively safe and civilized place, and most people won't ever get into brutal fights to the death.
There is also a relatively solid chance they will meet another fake martial artist, and the fight will be in equally handicapped conditions.

One thousand years ago, it was different. Learning Martial Arts was an essential skill to pick up for survival. It would often mean a difference between life and death, freedom and slavery, prosperity and misery.
Fake Martial Arts could not disseminate so much and spread their nonsense around. Not only was there no internet and mass media, but the fake martial arts Masters would quickly die in battle.
The Martial Arts developed and constantly evolved back then in wars and life and death conditions. Many people died in wars, but those who survived had their skills polished and grew to another level. You can never compare their skill level to learning Martial Arts by reading books or taking classes.
Similarly, regular fighters who compete in competitions and with other professional martial artists will destroy those who learn ancient secret Chinese martial arts without any actual fighting involved.

With firearms and civil laws, Martial Arts lost a lot of their popularity, meaning, and practical usage in the modern world. For the sake of gaining the necessary experience, people moved into fighting in computer games and various simulations. While it does not carry the same risks of death and debilitating injury, intense competition and pressure develop and train Manipura Chakra qualities and the nervous system, reaction, and coordination.

We can track the same thing happening in many modern games and simulations. People who avoid competing with other skilled human players and practice playing with bots or preprogrammed dolls/NPCs are not at any reasonable level of skill and ability never get there, period. They avoid human opponents and avoid challenging themselves, which would easily shatter their Egos and make them face the brutal reality and fall into the pit of despair.
They quickly walk into delusion about their unmatched skill and Grandiose abilities by avoiding reality. That leads to them proclaiming themselves Masters and starting to teach their imaginary skills to an unsuspecting audience.

Dunning Kruger Syndrome

Dunning Kruger Syndrome is universally applicable to self-development, skill development, and learning. It explains how people with no skill and knowledge can have incredibly high self-esteem and use it to become a guru of a scamgong teaching. In most cases, those are the kind of Gurus you can find online, on Reddit, and forums.

Dunning Kruger victims also think that self-development, development of any skill, and cultivation only they put the time into practice 1000 hours, 2000+ hours, they would beat any skilled master. However, the reality 10-15 years later shows that they have no real progress and don't come even 0.01% close to an actual Master's level in whatever art or sport they have been training in, despite spending an obnoxious amount of hours.


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